How to Live Frugally in Luxury Like a Bohemian: Part ONE

Published Jan 13, 21
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Glossy magazine covers featuring liberated, pouting Boho women, their hair blowing in the wind while sporting vivid colors and a hotchpotch of patterns, are there to help you decide what’s appropriate (living bohemian). Make sure to pseudo-nonchalantly wear two different socks to fit the Berlin or Mission District crowd (don’t make the mistake to accidentally put on two matching socks on a hasty morning, because you’re being very un-bohemian).

Don’t let that hold you back. Bohemian fashion is a means of expression. A style that routes back to the century old look, one that helps instill the free-spirited roots of Bohemia in your attitude. Wear boho chic and nonconformity radiates off of you. Follow the trends closely to stay connected with the core value of living a truly free, unconventional life.

We’re being manipulated into insecurity by sneaky advertisers. Don’t be fooled. Be free. Wear what you want and maintain your free spirit. Boho chic is a cuss word in the ears of the genuine Boho chick. The Absinthe Drinker by Viktor Oliva (1861–1928) In the late 19th century artists and poets were lumping together outside of the bourgeois mainstream culture in Paris.

Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Charles Baudelaire, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, and Aleister Crowley were all known absinthe drinkers. It was no coincidence that absinthe consumption was frowned up by social conservatives and prohibitionists (bohemian lifestyle). The myth that absinthe turns you into a hallucinating junkie came to life during the late 1800s because famous absinthe imbibers such as Oscar Wilde and Vincent van Gogh took various other drugs too.

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In case the consumption of the green elixer is socially accepted in your hood you’ll have to up the anteby taking step 3. Drink absinthe, white russians, beer or a virgin bloody mary. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you drink or don’t drink. Bohemians are original. Hit the clubs while drinking a cold glass of cow milk? Go ahead.

You’re free to do as you want. You’re a bohemian (modern bohemian lifestyle). You always thought drugs are bad? Gotta man up bro / woman up sis. Using, abusing actually, is part of the lifestyle. Keith Richards, commonly known as the ultimate hobo, in his own words “used to walk down Oxford Street with a slab of hash as big as a skateboard”.

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Don’t be afraid, tripping, amping, deliriums, blurred vision, puking, flashbacks belong to the experience. Just as epiphanies, day dreams, and divine interventions do. A drug-infused bloodstream is the backbone of the true Bohemian - boho home decor. Go loco, score some Gorilla Biscuits and start your modern day bohemian existence with some chemical induced dedication.

Take an example of Dali. He did not just take drugs, “I am drugs” he said himself. What’s more, Drugs are the fuel on which the artistic machine runs. Without you’re a poser. Merely a soulless bum. Taking drugs will make you a better artist, thus a better Bohemian. How else are you going to surpass drabby doodles and stodgy songs? All the great artists, from Picasso to Van Gogh, from The Stones to The Beatles did drugs.

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I do not advocate breaking the law. Realize that drug use, whether it’s illegal or sanctioned by the state can be dangerous for your health and freedom (you can die or end up in jail) (living bohemian). Again, doing drugs has nothing to do with being an authentic human being / living a bohemian lifestyle.

They, for instance, erode work ethic, which is exactly why most of these botanic substances are prohibited - . Psychedelics dissolve boundaries, erode the excess of ego which is the main problem of humanity in its current state. They help us put things in perspective. Be kinder. Love more. Awareness that the whole war on drugs is pure insanity is growing.

Terence McKenna put it like this: “Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information processing (). They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.” – Terence McKenna Tell your boss to go to hell and live the minimal, artistic live in your tiny, paint splattered studio apartment.

Other transcendent activities; sing, dance, draw, paint, sculpt, write poetry or write blog posts about the bohemian lifestyle. Throughout history, arts have been a vessel to express ideas that were not acceptable in society - boho home decor. Playwrights, painters, writers, poets, and graffiti artists across time have used their art to criticize their world.

What Does It Mean To Live A Bohemian Lifestyle? – Amerii in the Age of Amazon

Make art. It beats watching TV, reading consumption culture magazines, or other mindless activities that fuel your zombie-like existence. Revive your imagination. It’s been dumbed-down by intrusive advertising and corporate media. Spark your creativity by thinking outside the box. Wake up! Dream! Break loose and Create. Shatter suffocating paradigms and muggy moralism.

Wait. what? No sarcastic tone here? Nope. Creating art is our purpose. Our salvation - bohemian gypsies. “We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution.” – Bill Hicks Making art opens the doors to higher consciousness. “The thin thread of shamanic descent into our profane world—leads through the office of the artist.” Terence McKenna Inspiration is hard to find? Need a vision? A muse, a voice that leads the way? Take the next step. what does boho mean

Back in the day, bohemians manifested shocking behavior. Illegitimate children, homosexuality, free love, drugs and alcoholism were the social norm among bohemians. They worked as nude models, got kicked out of restaurants for using patchouli, while their bookcases featured all the Romantics, from Erotica by Anais Nin to Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums (modern bohemian).

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Society telling me I can’t love the same sex or alter my consciousness? Fuck that! It’s my body, my mind, my life. Bohemians were able to defy the status quo because they were aware of the possibility to do so. We’re disconnected from our archaic nature. Forgotten we are animals.

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Wondering why we feel out of our element in our cubicles. Release your inner beast. Nothing exists in a hollow shell. Step in the realm of animals again. Hike to mountain tops. Climb trees. Swim in ponds. Surf the ocean. Dance to drum beats. Have rough, primal, passionate sex. Jump on a fence, crouch like a tiger during yoga.

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Pick and eat wild edible plants. Toss processed foods. Watch the clouds. Taste the wild air. Experience you are equal to the plants, the waves, the birds overhead. Be one with nature. Remember, alone is all one. We’ve lost touch with our roots. Get ’em back. “The bohemian is an outsider, defines themselves as an outsider and is defined by the world as an outsider… A lot of people regard them as subversive, elitist and possibly just a little bit immature.” Exactly, by being (perceived as) immature, they’re wise.

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What do they know? Be childlike. It’s so powerful it’s mentioned, and endorsed, in the Bible: “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” – Luke 18:17 - . Without childlike wonder, without shaking off the dogmas and morals you’ll never find enlightenment.

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