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Published Jan 23, 21
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Black Book Market Research - Overview, News & Competitors: Why It's The Best

black book market researchblack book market research

Oct 222014 Dissatisfaction with inpatient electronic health record systems among nurses has escalated to an all time high of 92 percent, according to the Q3 2014 Black Book Loyalty survey results to be published later this month. Disruption in productivity and workflow has also negatively influenced job dissatisfaction according to nurses in 84 percent of US hospitals - black book.

black book market researchblack book market research

Eighty-four percent of nursing administrators in not-for-profit hospitals, and 97 percent of nursing administrators in for-profit hospitals confirm that the impact on nurses’ workloads including the efficient flow of direct patient care duties were not considered highly enough in their administration’s final EHR selection decision. Black Book polled nearly 14,000 licensed registered nurses from forty states, all utilizing implemented hospital EHRs over the last six months.

“Although the inpatient EHR replacement frenzy has calmed temporarily, the frustration from nursing EHR users has increased exponentially,” said Doug Brown, managing partner of the survey firm Black Book Market Research. “The meaningful use financial incentives for hospitals have many IT departments scurrying to implement these EHR’s without consulting direct care nurses, according to the majority of those polled by Black Book.” Insights include: 90 percent of EHR nursing users attested that the use of the current EHR system in their facility has negatively impacted communications between nurses and their patients.

Only 26 percent agree with the statement, “As a nurse, I believe the current EHR at my organization improves the quality of patient information. black book market research. black book research.” 51 percent of nurses working in hospitals with greater than 100 beds report that all care team members at their organization access and document on the same EHR screens - black book market research findings.

“Many compounding nurse productivity problems of can be sourced to the failure of those selecting and implementing an EHR to involve direct care nurses in the process.” Thirty percent of nurses believe their hospitals’ IT departments and administrations respond quickly to making changes in the EHR that the nurses recognize as vulnerabilities in documentation.

Nurses working in for-profit, chain facilities are the most exasperated; 98 percent are dissatisfied with the time allowed to be spent with patients versus the time allowed to document on the myriad of electronic medical record and departmental programs with no connectivity that their hospitals have accumulated (black book market research in 2020). “Add to that the unique software interfaces from medical equipment and the multiple EHRs each individual physician’s office, it’s no surprise that hospital nurses are getting discouraged and seeking employment in less complex organizations,” said Brown. black book market research techniques.

Nurses in the 22 largest metropolitan statistical areas are most satisfied with the usability of Cerner, McKesson, NextGen and Epic Systems. black book research. Those EHRs receiving the lowest satisfaction scores by nurses include Meditech, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and HCare. A lack of IT resources is also impacting nursing productivity. Ninety-three percent of nurses in for-profit facilities stated they do not have computers in each room or hand-held/mobile devices to aid in the EHR requirements.

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Within for-profit hospital facilities, just 15 percent of the surveyed nurse respondents believed the IT department that supports the EHR are knowledgeable and receptive to nurses’ suggestions in improving electronic documentation. Among those hospitals outsourcing the EHR help desk, 88 percent of nurses reported that their experiences with EHR’s call center do not meet their expectations of communication skills and knowledge of product. black book.

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